Frequently Asked Questions

Webcast Information
The audio is coming through doubled or an echo?

Please make sure you have the video open in only one web browser window. If you have it opened multiple times you may here the audio echo or double up.

How many people can watch the webcast??

There is no limit to the number of people who can watch the live webcast. We use YouTube Live which has a global network of servers to handle unlimited users from anywhere in the world.

Can I choose who can watch the live webcast?

Yes, the link we provide is an unlisted private link. Only people that you share this link with will be able to view the event.

Will people be able to find my live event using a web search (Google etc...)

The links we provide are private and unlisted, they will not show up in a web search unless you post it somewhere public such as social media or another website.

Can I get a copy of the video after the event?

Yes, after the event you will be provided with a Google Drive link link to view and download a copy of the video. A YouTube link will also be provided to watch the video again.

How long is the recording link available for?

The Google Drive link will be active for 3 months after the event. The YouTube link will remain active on our channel unless you make a request to remove it. NOTE: We will need to receive this request from the organiser of the event, if the event is a Funeral, this will be the Funeral home.

Can my live webcast contain Copyright Music?

Mostly, YouTube have agreements in place with most music artists, the archived videos may have ads displayed, the revenue from these ads will go to the Copyright holders.

Occasionally artists choose that they don't want their music used in YouTube videos, in this case we may need to mute the audio track for the duration of the song.

Songs we know get blocked:

  • Over The Rainbow, Eva Cassidy
  • Songbird, Eva Casidy
  • Anything by The Beatles, The Beatles
  • Anything by Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan
  • Wonderwall (Remastered), Oasis
  • Fast car, Tracy Chapman, WMG
  • The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face , WMG
  • Serenade, D. 889 , AntipodesMusicProductions

It is highly likely that other songs by the same artists will get blocked.

View a list of songs we have used before without issues

Can I get a copy of the event on DVD?

Yes, we can provide you with a copy of the video on DVD for an additional fee. Contact Us for more information.